wholesale Switchgear Glass Frame

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wholesale Switchgear Glass Frame

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Explosion-proof tempered glass frame for switch cabinet details listed as belows:
1. Application: 24KV KYN28A(GZS1) Indoor HV switchgear and circuit breaker
2. Certificate: ISO9001: 2000
3. Reliable installation, achieve five preventation requirement.
4. More than 10 years experience for manufacturing in this line
5. Most competitive prices with best quality, promptly delivery

What are our services?
We manufacture 12kV, 24kV, 40.5kV switchgear fittings,Mainly earthing switches, interlocking devices, Vacumm circuit breaker,chassis trucks,copper contact,contact box ect.

How are the quality of our products guaranteed?
Each product produced by us will be 100% checked before delivery.If Any defective goods occurred,which will be returned free and be changed for new one.wholesale Switchgear Glass Frame
website:http://www.switchgearfitting.com/high-v ... ass-frame/


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